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What do we specialize in? International Small Group Adventure Tour

Biotrek Adventure Travels is the #1 adventure tour company in Northern Virginia that offers customized tours in 16 countries. Expeditions include Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, India, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Tanzania, and Sicily with excursions to Antarctica and the Arctic. Itineraries, accommodations, and guides are personally vetted to ensure that your experience matches your expectations. Plan your vacation today!

At Biotrek Adventure Travels, we’ve fine-tuned flexibility, whether for traveling families, a small group of friends, or solo explorers.  We like to keep things personal. Capping trips at 10 people allows us maximum professionalism to offer you a close up look at not only the scenery but the soul of each place we visit. Bilingual guides are chosen for their love of country, cultural expertise, and gift for sharing their knowledge.  Together we will explore comfortable and stylish hotels, tucked away foodie favorites, or perhaps an out of the way café known for jazz.

What is an Adventure Tour?

An adventure tour can be the adrenaline rush of rafting a wild river or the simple decision to change your route home. It can be as quiet and reflective as a temple, or as spicy and hot as a fiesta.  But all adventure tours are about leaving your comfort zone and embracing new experiences.  It is about a willingness to get a little lost in order to find new wonders and a new way. It is the antithesis of boredom. If the adventurer in you is ready to push off from shore in pursuit of new discoveries but not without a map, if you’d like to leave your comfort zone while still being comfortable, then you’ve come to the right place. At Biotrek Adventure Travels, our team has done the legwork, paved the way, cleared the trail, and bookmarked the very best adventures in some of the coolest places around the globe. Your small group adventure is waiting for you!

What have you always wanted to try?

A cooking lesson in Morocco or a horseback ride in Patagonia; practicing yoga on the banks of the Ganges; latching onto a zip line; swimming with the sea lions in the Galapagos or staying on the shore to watch the blue footed boobies dance. There are so many new sights to see! Discover the craft and fresh produce markets in Guatemala or classic cars, cigars and art in Cuba, beaches, vineyards, snow-capped mountain and bubbling springs in New Zealand, or the majesty of ancient Machu Picchu. The list is never ending.

You might say that we have somewhat of a niche when it comes to personalized and unique travel experiences.  Not for everyone – we specialize in trips for those with an adverse reaction to pages of typed schedules, large tour buses with name tags and set meals.

At Biotrek Adventure Travels, good things happen when they come in small packages. Our customized and cozy trips are tailored to tempt your senses, stretch your imagination, and cradle you with comfort. Our travelers are full of curiosity about new cultures, environments, and the rhythm of different lands and peoples, but they also appreciate the ambiance of a good hotel. End a day of snorkeling with an air-conditioned room and glass of wine. Rinse off the sand from a pristine white beach in a 5-star hotel.  It’s all possible. It’s all good. And it’s all an adventure!

Biotrek Adventure Travels

Started in 1991, Biotrek Adventure Travels, with headquarters in Warrenton, Virginia, is a privately owned and managed tour operator with an over 25 year track record for creating unforgettable memories.  Its success began with its founder and her love for sharing her enthusiasm for traveling off the beaten path.  Its reputation continues to grow through the countless testimonials of those who have experienced the serenity of a night sky 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador from the deck of a catamaran, or the exhilaration of reaching the top of an ice-covered volcano in Chile, or the tented luxury of a safari in Tanzania with Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon.  With a background in professional photography, owner Sunny Reynolds will not only inspire but help improve your travel photography, while you explore some of the best destinations in the world.

Every journey begins with the first step.

At Biotrek Adventure Travel, we’re thrilled to accommodate the adventurer in you!



Experience the Biotrek difference with Small Group Adventure Tours:

Exceptional personal service from start to finish.

We provide a quality experience for a competitive price, with genuine enthusiasm and passion for travel.

Our professional award winning photography experience guarantees you a visually stunning journey and exceptional photos, all while traveling in comfort and safety.

Over Twenty-five years experience has created trusted relationships with in-country ground operators and guides. This ensures a unique and personalized cultural ecotourism experience.

Customized itineraries accommodate individual travel desires and physical activity levels—from Merengue dance nights to white water river rafting!

Our daily treks expose you to each destination’s hidden treasures – from broad vistas and national monuments to quaint local fairs and festivals.

We book only 4 and 5 star ’boutique’ hotels characteristic of the country and it’s culture. Owned and operated by local professionals.

We respect and promote each country’s natural environment and its local customs and traditions.