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At Biotrek Adventure Travels, international small group adventure travel has been our specialty for over 25 years! Our expert team has done the legwork, paved the way, cleared the trail, and book-marked the very best adventures in some of the most extraordinary places around the globe.  We’ve fine-tuned flexibility, whether for traveling families, groups of friends, or solo explorers.  We like to keep things personal.  Bilingual guides are chosen for their love of country, cultural expertise, and gift for sharing their knowledge.  Together we explore comfortable and stylish hotels, tucked away foodie favorites, or perhaps an out of the way café known for jazz in the most exotic travel destinations in the world.

What is unique about our adventure tours…

You might say that we have somewhat of a niche when it comes to personalized and unique travel experiences.  We specialize in trips for those with an adverse reaction to pages of typed schedules, large tour buses with name-tags and set meals. While other tour operators consider 24-30 people a “small group”, our tours are capped at 10 people.  This allow us to offer you a close up look at not only the scenery, but the soul of each place we visit.  The advantages are numerous.  We are able to stay in charming boutique hotels, often in historic buildings, that are too small to accommodate large groups.  Our itineraries are customized so that we can add interesting stops along the routes, or avoid visiting popular sites at peak times.  Dining can be as fancy or casual as we desire.  Staying small allows us to truly get off the beaten path.

At Biotrek Adventure Travels, our customized travel tours are tailored to tempt your senses, stretch your imagination, and cradle you with comfort.  Our travelers are full of curiosity about new cultures, environments, and the rhythm of different lands and peoples, but they also appreciate the ambiance of a great hotel.  End a day of snorkeling with an air-conditioned room and glass of wine.  Rinse off the sand from a pristine white beach in a 5-star hotel.  It’s all possible.  It’s all good, and it’s all an adventure!

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