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Author: Sunny Reynolds

Mystery of Easter Island

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The grand mystery of the heads of Easter Island has just deepened…literally! Archeologists have excavated around the heads and guess what they found? The heads have full bodies! The bodies are covered in ancient and as of yet indecipherable writings called Petroglyphs.

…it far exceeded my expectations!

“My recent trip with Sunny Reynolds and Biotrek to Cuba was an amazing experience…it far exceeded my expectations! Learning this small island nation’s history through the country’s music brought the experience to life and helped me understand why we think of so many styles of music when we think of Cuba. The art scene was surprisingly current and it too had many influences. The architecture is on a grand scale while still coming back from years of neglect. It is a trip I would highly recommend…and did I mention Sunny goes out of her way to make this a truly special experience for each tour participant?”

Robin  (Warrenton, VA)

This Amazing Trip Will Be Remembered and Shared

“Sunny Reynold’s warmth, knowledge and attention to details, made my trip to the Galapagos remarkable.  She assured that our group visited the “best” islands, had excellent guides, good accommodations and food.  She even arranged a surprise birthday party for one of our party! Sunny takes a personal approach and her trips are definitely not “tour groups.”  Beyond taking us to beautiful vistas and introducing us to intriguing wildlife, she helped us capture photographically this amazing trip so that the experience will be remembered and shared.”

Craig Rudlin (Richmond, VA)

Some of the Most Memorable Moments of my Life …

“Some of the most memorable moments of my life have been made possible by Biotrek Adventure Travels – among other wonders, I’ve seen sunrise at the Taj and from the highest pyramid at Tikal, witnessed the Ridley turtles hatching on a beach in Costa Rica, and traveled to the mouth of the Maya underworld for an ancient ceremony. The latest exceptional adventure occurred in La Antigua, Guatemala, at Las Palmas Restaurant. We were returning customers eager to enjoy the perfect mojitos and succulent steaks that are almost worth a trip to Central America just for dinner. But then from the bar in the back room of the restaurant came the music that was even better than the food and drink – a bluesy, Latin mix delivered by an amazing trio of musicians and the owner singing lead.

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The Entire Experience Was Amazing

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Now I know why Al and Jon just love you! Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime to Cuba. The entire experience was amazing. You are an absolute delight. Thank you for all your work and efforts to make this trip so wonderful for everyone. We truly appreciate all that you did for us. We look forward to seeing you soon. You are truly the BEST!

Emily & Al (Warrenton, VA)

I Am So Happy That I Found Biotrek

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Wow, what an interesting time I had in Cuba! I am so happy. I am so happy that I found Biotrek. Your small group travel is the only way to go. I learned so much about Cuba and its people. The program was great with a surprise around every corner. You, Audrey, and Marta made the trip a seamless adventure.

When the time is right I will travel with you again. Morocco, Chile, India – I hope sooner than later.

Fondly, Phyllis (Charlottesville, VA)

My Husband and I Thoroughly Enjoyed Our Trip with Biotrek to Chile and Easter Island

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Thank you for making our 25th anniversary so special. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Biotrek to Chile and Easter Island. Biotrek offers small group travel, a great compromise between large scale tours and independent travel. Our trip included Santiago, the lake district, Patagonia and Easter Island. A few highlights include lunch at the home of a Mapuche chief, a hike amongst trees over 2,00 years old, horseback riding in Patagonia, and a tour of the quarry where the Moai on Easter Island were carved. This trip was our kind of luxury – comfortable, well situated hotels, outstanding itinerary, and local guides at each location. What a wonderful way to experience the immense beauty of such an amazing country!

Connie Chintall & Mark Lindsey (Warrenton, VA)

Galapagos Islands Lava

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Hey everyone! Yesterday Sunny and I were editing some photos, and I was fascinated with the pictures she took from her last trip, the Galapagos Islands. Among seeing pictures of Marine Iguanas, shrimp-pink flamingos, and blue-footed boobies, I was especially enthralled with the Sullivan Bay lava photos.

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